Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recording and Promoting

I mentioned in my first post that I'm working on a new album. I've got all the lyrics ready and I'm going in next Thursday, November 17th to start on the recording process. I've done a couple E.P.'s before but never really had much of a marketing plan to get them publicized beyond my friends and (at the time) my high school. This time I'm learning from my previous mistakes, I'm going to be submitting my music to several college radio stations. I'm mainly targeting CUNY stations but will also be going for NYU, Fordham, and Stony Brook Radio stations.
Besides the radio stations I'm going to be submitting and getting advertising in local papers hopefully. If you live near Riverdale, hopefully you'll be seeing me soon in the Riverdale Press, I plan on submitting my stuff over there. If anybody has suggestions on local papers that might consider reviewing local artist send me an email at:
If you specifically want to review my music for your own blog or online publication email me there as well, would appreciate any support you guys can give me. I'll be updating my status on the record along the way and will be posting some videos up on my Youtube page from the sessions. Got to give a shout out to my man Tronik Beats who's helped out a great deal on the album and has three tracks on there produced by him. He's the executive producer on the album and has been part of the project from the beginning. Check out a song I did with him on my previous release here:

Click here to check out his website for some quality beats.
Anyway, stay tuned for updates!

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