Friday, November 18, 2011

New Stuff on the blog

Just letting you guys know if you haven't noticed already; I've put up a music player and a submission box for a mailing list here. As of now it's just got my music on it but I hope to also feature other artists music on it later on as well. Once I get the logistics of that set up I'm going to replace the current music player with a new one seeing as how this is coming directly from my Reverbnation account. Any suggestions on other types of music players I can use would be very helpful!

Right now the songs on the player are "War" produced by EmotionL Productions, "Hero" ft. Mun produced by Sinima beats, and "Forgotten" produced by DJ SOS. Hope you enjoy them!

If you guys like you can join the mailing list as well, and I'd like it very much if you did as well! I'm going to be sending updates through my mailing list from time to time and those on it will get to hear new music before anyone else and get some free downloads and possibly other goodies as well! So sign up to be kept in the loop!

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